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Location Selection & Layout Design

A shipyard is a part of heavy industry and it is very sensitive to the infrastructural environment. If the location and the layout of a shipyard is good, a new shipyard can turn profitable in no time, otherwise it will meet logistical hurdles at every step. Vedam helps a new owner to convert his decision of opening a shipyard to a profit making reality.

If it is a new shipyard, we help the owner in the selection of location by reviewing the geographical location, infrastructure and local hydrological conditions. Based on the existing local conditions, we can specify the type of the vessel the shipyard should target to build.

For a new shipyard , we can help in designing the layout of the shipyard to optimize the material flow. We can also advise regarding the optimum facilities the shipyard should have to maximize the rate of return on its investment. We can also help in selecting the right type of equipments, cranes etc. to meet your vessel building requirements.

If its an existing shipyard, Vedam can advise on the type of the upgradation that should be carried out. Based on latest shipbuilding practices, Vedam can also advise on re organization of your existing facilities to maximize the efficiency of day to day operations. On request, Vedam can also arrange technicians to visit your shipyard and help you in carrying out these upgradations.

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