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Structural Analysis

It's not about designing a structure to satisfy rules and codes; it's all about practical but optimized and safe Structural Design. The very nature of marine environment plays an important role in Marine and Offshore structural design. It is always a challenge to simulate the working environment and design an effective structure. Analysis using Finite Element Method (FEM) is a convenient tool to simulate the environment accurately and design the structure to withstand the derived loads.

Structure verified with FEM analysis gives advantage to client for a design which is:

Safe under various combination of complex loads
Optimized structure in terms of weight, space, material and cost
Checked for risk based load and resistance
Faster approval and review at class end

Vedam has wide range of experience with complex projects involving structural analysis for:

Global Hull Strength Check and steel optimization
Direct Analysis for local structural strength
Fatigue life prediction
Vibration analysis


Global Hull Girder Strength Check
Global hull or 3-cargo hold modeling
Simulating environmental load, sagging & hogging loads, internal fluid loads
Analyze structure for worst condition and check for
Hot spots or high stress zone
Design modification and iteration for weight & material optimization
Ship life prediction
Direct & Local Analysis
Local structure modeling
Transfer global load through boundary condition, apply local structural loads
Analyze structure for worst condition and check for
Linear/Non-linear and Static/Dynamic loads and deflection
Design modification and iteration for weight & material optimization
Derive safety factor
Faster Class Approval process
Crane Foundation Design
Simulate heavy lift operation of crane ( e.g. 600ton SWL)
8 angle crane operation check and Derive load chart
Reduced crane foot print to increase deck working area
Minimal modification design for retrofit and afloat installations
Strong point / Heavy Equipment Foundation
Winch, windlass, bollards, heavy equipment (>2ton) foundation
Minimum deck medication
Consideration of dynamic and impact loads
Complex Structure Design (Helideck, Raised Platform etc.)
Helideck, Tween Deck, Mezzanine Deck Design, Ramps
Weight optimization, ease of fabrication
Wheel load, impact load consideration
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