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Structure Outfitting Design

Post primary structure design of offshore units, secondary structure and outfitting items play major role in design phase. The challenge to design the secondary structure is derive realistic loading condition and optimize the structure to control weight, space and layout.


Typical topside unit of offshore structure include below secondary structure:

Living Quarters (LQ), Enclosures
Equipment Foundation, Module Skid
Non-structural tanks
Intermediate Decks and Bulkheads
Stairtowers, Walkways, Ladders, Access Platform
Foundation for heavy lift equipment such as Crane, Winch, Guide rail, Mooring fitting foundation
Bow Turret foundation structure
Boat Landing Platforms
Pipe Layout and Support

Vedam has capability and experience to design top side structure as per various codes including DNV OS Code, NORSOK code, ABS MODU and Offshore code, LR FOIFL code etc.

The usage of Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) in structure design has made it essential to simulate the structure behavior under various loading conditions and check the true resistance of structure. FEM Analysis has become an integral part of structure design for offshore units. Vedam uses various software tools for specific requirement including DNV Genie, ANSYS, Zenmoor, Optimoor.

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