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Naval Architectural Calculations

Offshore oil and energy industry is moving towards deeper water and harsher environment in search of natural resource. Therefore, more floating and semi-submersibles are being deployed for exploration and production activities. Now-a-days naval architectural calculation plays an important and major role in offshore vessel design to make it safe for all-weather condition and minimize vessel motion.


Typical design calculation involves:

Stability Analysis
Motion Analysis
Load out Analysis
Lifting Analysis
Stability Analysis
Stability analysis of complex multi-hull body
Stability analysis during different loading condition and marine operation
Intact Stability, Deterministic and Probabilistic Damage stability analysis using software tool
Ballast arrangement and ballasting sequence for safe marine operation
Motion Analysis
Motion analysis of complex hull body under various storm condition
Optimize hull shape for minimal vessel motion
Derivation of acceleration and displacement at critical points
Derive vessel hydrodynamic coefficients and RAO for mooring, lifting operations
Simulating wide range of storm condition using software tool
Derive vessel resonance range and possible mitigation
Derive hydrodynamic load such as bending and torsional moments
Load out Analysis
Step wise load out procedure
Barge Longitudinal strength check
Barge Stability check during load out, transportation and launching
Pre-load condition and sequential ballast of barge
Barge motion analysis and payload securing arrangement
Payload (jacket) securing structure analysis
Lifting Analysis
Lifting analysis of heavy offshore structure including
Stability check
Motion analysis
Strength check of barge
Mooring analysis
Preparation of step wise lifting procedure
Derive limiting weather condition for safe operation
Derive check list for safe operation
Carry out risk analysis and mitigation methods
Simulate lifting steps and list possible clash points, install fender for safety
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