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We consistently invest in human technology, research and analysis to simplify solutions for complex engineering requirements and help our clients bring them to life in the most cost and time effective manner. Our dedicated team of 80+ Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Designers and affiliates across the globe collaborate with the clients, from the conception of the vessel design through to its successful execution. Vedam’s technical force supports its clients at every step of the way, even after completion of the project. Our key expertise areas are:
• Vessel Conceptualisation
• Engineering Design
• Project Supervision
• Conversion Design
• Consulting
• Engineering Analysis
• Production Design
• Technology Consulting


Custom designed vessels that optimise returns

We partner with our clients in their journey right from the challenge phase, all the way through to the efficient implementation of our design solutions. We thoroughly understand their business, resources and objectives before we hit the drawing board. And then we don’t just stop at conceptualising the optimum vessel that can maximise returns for them, but actually make it happen alongside our clients.
To sight an example, one of our clients was facing a challenge in transporting the oil they drill on the shore to the anchorage. We studied the drilling location, anchorage site and sailed closest river to understand depth and bridge constraints, to begin with. Our first hand insights and practical experience enabled us to not only design the optimal barge for them, but also empowr it with a gas propulsion that used the very gas, produced as by-product of oil drilling.


Empowering clients with efficient on-site implementation

The success of a project doesn’t lie alone on how brilliant the design strategy is but how efficiently it is implemented within practical timelines and budgets. And that is exactly why we are committed to empower our clients with a specialised on-site support force, focussed on crisis-free project management. We deploy meticulous planning, progressive tools and technology to collaborate across teams and optimise our clients’ time and resources. The idea is to help them stay focussed on their core responsibilities while the project is under implementation and enrich them with the additional skills to operate the vessel independently once its ready. Some of our project supervision services are detailed below:
• Coordinations: We undertake complete coordinations with shipyards, class, vendor, owners, managers, etc on behalf of our clients
• Domain Experts: We deploy the most capable site supervisors and quality inspectors from steel, outfitting, machinery, electrical and other varied expertise.
• Tracking tools: We carry out continuous progress monitoring, scheduling and reporting to ensure on-time project delivery.


Time and cost efficient conversions that optimise performance

A successful conversion not only delivers on the client’s expectations of optimising the vessel but also does so in a time and cost-effective manner, with minimum modifications. We undertake this challenge by thoroughly comprehending the existing asset, capturing data and assessing the balance life as well as the utility of the vessel, using the most progressive technologies such as 3D scanning, remote supervision and cloud networking, amongst other.
Our expertise in re-engineering vessels owes to our meticulous research and planning, insightful engineering design and most importantly, our strength and experience in site supervision. Our engineers carefully factor in the execution methodology at the designing stage itself, in order to simplify implementation on site.


Solution-focused designs that are also practical to implement

When it comes to varied shipping challenges, one design may not fit all. Each client has a different objective and needs a distinct solution within their specific time, budget and resource constraints.
That is where Vedam comes into the picture. From undertaking the complete design process to engaging for a specific stage, we support our clients through and through. Thanks to our rich on-site experience, we ensure designs that are not just rule-compliant but also realistic to implement. We constantly anticipate future challenges and upgrade our skills and technology to offer tomorrow’s solutions, today.


Empowering clients to take better decisions

The ever-changing industry and market dynamics, new challenges and emerging opportunities can pose complexities and delays in decision making. This is where Vedam’s consultants step in to conduct specific studies, assessments, analysis and feasibility reports that help our clients make insightful and timely decisions.
Our Consultants are dedicated to simplifying the most complex roadblocks for our clients while they stay focussed on their existing commitments. These can range from techno-commercial feasibilities, detailed Project Reports, operational productivity enhancement, performance monitoring to data analytics and shipyard assessment.
Vedam not only customises solutions but also brings missing expertise, if any. The idea is to enhance productivity and empower decision-making for our clients.


Driving better results by solving complex problems
with engineering tools

With an extensive experience and expertise in offering end-to-end designs for various marine assets, we also collaborate and support other designers and yards with specific engineering analysis for their respective projects.
Our focus areas include Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA) (including global, Fatigue and local analysis for optimised steel design), Mooring analysis (for optimised Offshore mooring), Berthing Analysis (Single-vessel to Multi-vessel berthing analysis in the ports, FSRUS, etc), Hydrodynamic analysis (like Motion studies and loadout) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (using enhanced cloud computing power and tools)
Our expertise in CFD Analysis has helped enhance sustainability for various projects including hull form optimisation that lowered fuel consumption, Energy Saving Devises (ESD) designs and Enhanced Ventilation Designs.


Detailed design, drawings and documentation for error-free, optimized construction

From modest vessels to enormous structures, the modern marine and offshore construction begin with building blocks. And when it comes to successful block building, there’s no room for an error. That is why industry leaders engage us to assist them in their process of block building for the vessels.
We support shipyards with error-free, optimized detail design as well as workshop drawings and documentation, specific to their construction facilities. Our clients trust us for our innovative, committed, quality conscious and sustainable solutions that save time and cost against traditional building methods.
Vedam offers comprehensive, yard-specific production drawings & documentation for ships & offshore structures, including Structural, Piping, HVAC, Cable Tray, Electrical, Outfitting to Accommodation design.


From identifying the right technology for clients to assisting in implementation

Technology not just aids design, computing and analytics but also powers collaboration between experts from miles away. At Vedam, we are passionate about progressive technology and it’s our constant endeavour to help our clients get on board with it. We thoroughly study our clients’ specific operations and needs before customising our consulting. We not only recommend the technology that is most useful for our clients but we also assist them in implementing it. Some of our technology consulting domains are covered below:
• Cloud computing & collaboration We encourage the use of cloud power for collaboration between multiple locations and for application of strong computing.

• IoT We provide complete IoT solution for collecting and recording the humongous amount of data generated by marine assets every day, that can help improve performance and minimise downtime

• Analytics We comprehend the data gathered from ships and produce customer-specific actionable insights.

• 3D Scanning and Imaging We deploy 3D scanning tools to capture vessel configuration for new installations, training and other relevant purposes.

• Virtual Reality We have the first of it's kind, immersive & interactive 3D meeting solution for remote collaborative design, training, inspections, maintenance and repair, using Virtual Reality.