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Damage Repair Supervision

Shipping is a dynamic business. Its main assets ie ships are always on the move which means they are prone to damages/accidents. Owner should have sound strategy to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Vedam can help the owners to deal with a unforeseen event in case of collision, grounding or damage incidents.

Damage assessment and Repair Specification:

First few days of the damage are the most crucial. A proper damage assessment of the structure is crucial to determine the sea worthiness of the ship as well as to put a proper and most effective repair strategy in place. we can also help the owners estimate the exact amount of steel required by carrying out laser based deformation measurement of the affected areas. We survey the vessel extensively and prepare a tight and no-loop-hole specification with estimated quantity of steel, pipes and associated materials for installation.

Shipyard Identification & Technical Review:

Damage repairs are always emergency repairs. We help the owner choose the most suitable shipyard based on the geographical location of the vessel and the scope of work to be done. . While deciding on a shipyard, various factors like general track record, experience, quality and workmanship, costs and availability of slots are taken into account.

Contract negotiation:

Once the specification is finalized we assist in contract review, including the cost negotiation, important terms, etc.

Site team management including manpower deployment:

We have hands on experience of site management in various shipyards in Asia and Europe. We provide day to day management of the site office to ensure good coordination between the owner and the shipyard, P&I surveyors, Hull and insurance surveyors and classification society. We provide Hull, paint, outfitting and machinery supervision during the repair/conversion of the vessel. We have a pool of expert professional having very diverse experience in different shipyards. We provide expert supervision regarding all the aspects of the ship repair and dry docking.

Work done identification and invoice settlement:

We assist the owners in identifying the total work done on the vessel during the course of the repairs and help him in settling the invoice with the shipyard.

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