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Coastal Engineering


Engineering Services:
Feasibility Studies
Value Engineering
Preliminary and Final Engineering Design
Engineering Assistance in the Permitting Process
Preparation of Plans, Specifications, and Cost Estimates
Bidding Phase Assistance
Project Experience (Of our Principals):
Coastal Processes & Numerical Modeling
Shore Protection/Stabilization
Navigation Channel and Waterways
Harbors/Marine Terminals
Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal
Vessel Hydrodynamic Effects
Habitat Restoration
1. Coastal Processes and Numerical Modeling:
1.1 Wave Growth, Transformation and Nearshore Circulation
1.2 Wave Setup, Runup and Overtopping
1.3 Tide-Induced and Wind-Induced Circulation
1.4 Sediment Transport and Erosion-Accumulation
1.5 Water Quality
1.6 Beach Profile Evolution
Project: LARGESED – Lagrangian Sediment Pathway Modeling
2. Shore Protection/Stabilization
2.1 Beach Nourishment
2.2 Revetments
2.3 Bulkheads
2.4 Seawalls
2.5 Groins
2.6 Headlands
2.7 Jetties
Project: Village of Surfside Revetment:
Protect Beach Drive against breaching during high tide events or tropical storm conditions
Protect public infrastructure and utilities located landward of Beach Drive from damage during a tropical storm
3. Navigation Channels and Waterways
3.1 Navigation channel/waterway dimensions design/ optimization
3.2 Channel sedimentations & advance maintenance dredging
3.3 Silt control measures, sediment transport, tidal flow protection
Piper Channel – Oblique Jetty Components:
Reduction in energy penetration into Piper Channel and shore protection in Piper Channel
Reduction in channel sedimentation and maintenance dredging (self-flushing)
Minimization of navigation safety hazards
4. Harbors/Marine Terminals/Areas
4.1 Berthing and mooring systems – breasting dolphins, buoys, bollards, mooring dolphins, walkways
4.2 Navigability & safety analysis
4.3 Flow circulation, water quality, sedimentation
4.4 Breakwaters - rubble mound, pile supported, floating
4.5 Jetties, dikes, sediment and flow control structures
4.6 Entrance dimensions, layouts, approach, navigation aids
Project: Protection for Cap Sante Marina
Shoreline Protection
Maintain protection for Cap Sante Marina
Improve Appearance and Public Access
Project: Attenuators
Project: Small Craft Facility
5. Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal
5.1 Sedimentation studies
5.2 Design of dredged material placement for aquatic habitat restoration
5.3 Design of navigation channel dredging
5.4 Fate of disposed dredged materials in open water
5.5 Beneficial use of dredged materials
5.6 Design of dredged material placement for beach nourishment
5.7 Dredged volume computation
Project: ACND Maintenance Dredging
Project: Dredging of Channel
6. Vessel Hydrodynamic Effects
6.1 Passing vessel loading on berthed vessels
6.2 Jet/propeller wash and wakes
6.3 Berthed vessel motion and dynamic mooring analysis
Project: Proposed BOSTCO Terminal, La Porte, TX, USA
Project: Hydrodynamic Modeling Domain Bathymetry
7. Habitat Restoration
7.1 Fish ladders, weirs, culverts, & stream channel design
7.2 Levee construction & removal design
7.3 Shoreline restoration – bulkhead removal & beach nourishment
7.4 Beach design for marine habitat creation
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