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The Art Of Optimization

For a ship meant to carry large amount of cargo at an optimum speed, operational efficiency is an imperative that can make a real difference to business. An improved hull form to reduce engine power and fuel consumption can go a long way in overall cost savings during the life of the ship.

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BWM Plan

BWM convention, first adopted on 13 February 2004, will enter into force on 08 September 2017 and shall apply to all existing & new ships of all types with following characteristics: GT > 400, Carrying ballast water & Operating in International waters.

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3 D Modelling tools have been in existence since long time and have been used extensively in new construction projects. However, in recent years, use of these modelling tools have been extended from construction projects to repair and retrofit projects as well. We have used 3 D modelling tools in many prominent repair and retrofit projects.

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